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Biomedicine & Cell Biology

Using current tissue and cell culture techniques, microscopy, spectroscopy, chromatography techniques, as well as immunological methods (ELISA), the latest knowledge from the research areas of biomedicine is taught in the Master modules (m-modules).

Molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology knowledge at the current state of research and a wide range of methodological skills are taught.  With this specialisation, students are optimally prepared to conduct research in the medical field and to acquire a foundation in biotechnological or pharmaceutical research. 

In order to choose the Cell Biology & Biomedicin specialization, at least 98 CP must come from this specialization. As a rule, this is achieved through two M modules from the specialization plus the project work (30 CP) plus the pilot project (10 CP) and the Master's thesis (30 CP). The third Master's module can, but does not have to, belong to the specialization. Most of the modules in the specialization are taught in English, meaning that the specialization can be studied in both languages. You have the greatest choice of modules if you are proficient in both languages.

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