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Master Biology International

Study programme: Master (M.Sc.) Biology International

Below you will find information on the study course of the one-year master's programme Biology International, an overview of all module descriptions and the current examination regulations. In contrast to the two-year Master Biology students can not select a major.



Master-Modules(14 CP)

Master-modules (courses) include advanced lectures, exercises, seminars and practical training. In general our master modules take place in a 6-week block and consist of 22-30 hours lecture and 200 hours practical course. In addition to the presence time your self-study will be counted (e.g.: protocol writing, exam preparation). Due to 1 credit point (CP) equals 30 hours of workload, a sucessful completion of the master modul will be credited with 14 CP. Details are given in the individual module descriptions (see below).

Additional Qualifications (6CP)

The additional qualifications module consists of freely chosen course types, such as lectures, excursions, practicals, tutorials, Master's seminars or workshops. At least two Master's seminars must be completed. At least one of these Master's seminars must be held in English.

Pilot -project and project outlines(10 CP)

The module: "pilot-project and project-outlines" servesas a preparatory exercise for the Master's thesis. After its completion, a concept (project sketch) for the Master's thesis is to be drawn up.

Master´s Thesis (30 CP)

The Master's thesis is an experimental thesis which includes a full semester (6 months) , and will only be registered when all modules have been successfully completed.

Formal prerequisite for admission to the degree programme is a completed four-year bachelor's degree in biology or biochemistry. Applications are open to students who can prove at least 210 ECTS. The Master´s programme at the HHU starts twice per year, in the winter and summer terms. Prerequisite for attendance are strong interest in biological research, and a working knowledge in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. The language of instruction and examination is English.

  • Applicants must certificate their language skills by an individual language proficiency certificate: we will accept TOEFL (90 internet based), IELTS (6,5 or better) or an equivalent cambridge certificate. Exeption: Graduates completed a bachelor degree with official language English in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or graduates from Bachelor Biology Plus International or Quantitative Biology programme (HHU) need no individual language proficiency certificate.
  • Applicants must have a Bachelor degree in biology or biochemistry (240 ECTS) from an accredited college or university.At least one third of the study should be completed in the form of laboratory practical training. Applicants must have completed a Bachelor thesis (min. 10 credit points).
  • Only applicants who can document a minimum 210 ECTS at the time of application will be considered for the aptitude test.
Aptitude Test

Before you can enroll, we have to review your professional competence. For this please register in our undefinedOnline Master-Portal .

Application deadlines:

  • 31st of January for summer term (April-July)
  • 31st of July for winter term (October-February)
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