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Why Biology at the HHU?

Why Biology at the HHU?

Why Biology at the HHU?


Excellent research and good networking

Biology is one of the strongest research locations in Germany. To participating in collaborative research centers, it has joined forces with Cologne, the MPI for Plant Breeding Research and the Jülich Research Center to establish the CEPLAS cluster of excellence.

Competence in research-oriented & digital teaching

In your studies, you will be supervised by experts in their field. Through the increasing use of eLearning, you can expand your knowledge independent of time and space.  In research-oriented modules, you will receive individual support in small groups.

Highly equipped laboratories

We are constantly investing in the equipment of our internship rooms. We offer you partly top equipped internship rooms with state-of-the-art equipment to learn the latest technologies and methods (e.g. Live Cell Imaging).

Campus University: Everything in close proximity

All study facilities - from the central library and refectory to seminars, lecture halls, university clinics, etc. -are located on a compact campus: ideally accessible on foot.

Variety of university sports

American football, slacklining, lacrosse, tai chi, historical swordplay and much more can be tried out by HHU students, usually free of charge. Well over 100 options are offered by the university sports department.

Botanical garden

More than 5,000 plant species are exhibited in the Botanical Garden's area of over 80,000 m2. The Botanical Garden thus offers an attractive refuge not only for research and teaching, but also for all citizens.

The city of Düsseldorf and its assets

NRW's state capital is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany with the highest growth potential and is successfully networked internationally. Students at HHU benefit from this optimal "networking" in many aspects of their studies.

other advantages

In addition to a diverse museum landscape, the city has numerous theaters, an opera house, as well as a large and small theater. Düsseldorf is good for you - for your studies/profession as well as for your personal quality of life.

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