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Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology

Synthetic biology is a dynamic and innovative field that is revolutionising fundamental and applied biotechnological research. It integrates engineering principles for the assembly of biological modules with desired properties.

Synthetic biology is a young, dynamic and innovative field that is revolutionizing fundamental and applied, biotechnology research. It integrates basic engineering principles for the rational, mathematical model-assisted assembly of well characterized biological modules into higher order complex biological systems with desired properties and functions. This interdisciplinary approach towards biological research has already contributed a broad set of experimental advances to study biological systems and for the development of biotechnological applications in the biomedical, biopharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries, biofuel production and agriculture.

In this specialization within the MSc in Biology we reflect the nature and potential of these integrative approaches by offering a wide set of modules in English covering different theoretical and experimental strategies and fields of research. We stress the potential of modern biology and its associated technologies as the key to tackle current humanity challenges, namely to provide accessible and universal health, and to satisfy nutritional and energy global demands in an environmentally sustainable way.

In order to choose the specialisation in Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology, at least 98 CP must come from this specialisation. As a rule, this is achieved through two M modules from the specialisation plus the project work (30 CP) plus the pilot project (10 CP) and the Master's thesis (30 CP). The third Master module may or may not belong to the specialisation. Most of the modules in the specialisation are taught in English, which means that the specialisation can be studied in both languages. You will have the widest choice of modules if you are proficient in both languages.

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