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General questions

The orientation tutorial is offered for the Bachelor and Master. Here you will learn from students of higher semesters how to make a good start into your studies. Since many courses will probably have to be offered digitally, the tutorial is also a good opportunity to make contact with fellow students and to find a study group. Regular participation in the tutorials and the submission of questions about the study program will be credited with one credit point in the Bachelor's program.

Modules can be booked in His Lsf. To find the courses, first click on Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in the course directory and then on Biology. There you select the modules of the first semester and click on occupy for each module.

You register for a module examination in the student portal. This can be done at the earliest 6 weeks before the examination date. Click on Exam registration in the student portal and then select the module.

The work is registered in the student portal. You can find instructions here.

As a rule, students obtain information about possible bachelor's or master's theses directly from the institutes of biology. Information on how to apply for bachelor's and master's theses at the institutes of biology and which requirements are necessary can also be found on the pages of the individual institutes or in the HIS-LSF course catalog.

Theses are always assigned in consultation with a professor/institute of Biology. Therefore, always write to the corresponding professors/institute directors by e-mail. You should not write a three-liner according to the motto - "I am a bachelor student* and I am looking for a bachelor thesis". It is best to send 

  • Motivation letter (Why am I interested in a bachelor thesis in your institute in particular?)
  • Transcript of records
  • Completed V-module and/or biology module in this institute.

In addition to offerings from biology, medical institutes also offer bachelor's and master's theses. Please note that if you are doing a thesis outside of biology, you will still need a supervisor/reviewer from biology. Please clarify this in advance before you start the work.

After graduation, you will automatically receive the diploma by post. This usually takes 4- 6 weeks. It is important that the university has the current home address at the time of graduation.

If all grades are available, you can apply for a provisional certificate at the Student and Examination Administration by contacting Mr. Schikora. You will receive the preliminary certificate by mail usually within 1-2 working days or you can pick it up at the SSC.

There are announcements every now and then. For example, you can work as a tutor or practical supervisor. You can find the job advertisements hier.

A stay abroad is not necessary in biology studies, but possible. If you would like to do an internship or semester abroad, you can find more information on the page Study Abroad.

In the Bachelor Biology you have to do an internship of 6 CP. More information with a list of companies can be found in Ilias.

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